CROP Technology Group Ltd also known as CROP, in 2010. both of our subsidiaries, Yueqing CROP Trading Co.,ltd and CROP electric Co.,Ltd are formed.  .

As the leading China Manufacturer & Exporter of a wide range of Smart electrical solutions for electricity distribution networks, electrical Components used in Electrical Installation, buildings, substations CROP are passion from power and technology 。

Our main customer base consists of Distributors/Wholesalers of Electrical Products, Electrical Contractors & Installers, Equipment Manufacturers, Maintenance Companies and Utility.  Exports to many Countries Worldwide Over the years, CROP has supplied high quality and tested products to thousands of customers over the world. As a result, the CROP brand has become synonymous with Quality.






– Low voltage aerial electrical fittings
– Telecom
– Transmission power line hardware & Fastener
– Cable terminal connector and accessories
– Distribution box, meter box , junction box, plastic accessories for electrical system
– Non-standard custom ordering
– Operation Device
– Heliformed line fittings
– Underground network


CROP® TECHNOLOGY GROUP is young corporate established in January 2010.  Idea and begin of CROP ascend to year 2000. During 10 years our product managers, meet many customers demands in energetic, which lead to create unified products, which are acceptable for West and East energetic norms. We passion on the technology to meet our mission: “Deliver Safety & Happiness, Make your life more Perfect”.


Become a sustainable development beyond 101 years of business.
Become a global electrical brand management experts.

To be a leading global high-tech and high-quality enterprise providing innovative & value based solutions in the Electrical & Energy Sector.

In order to achieve the highest quality level, always pay attention to and develop the latest power technology.

All the product are comply with IEC , GB standard.