Voice of MD

Every day, everywhere, thousands of electrical products come in handy. From household appliances to industrial production machinery, we depend upon electricity to support the life we enjoy and make it more fantastic.

It takes a lot more than a connection on the transmission line to bring the power of electricity into our lives and what’s more other devices in usage is to combine conductor and fittings, boxes and connectors, and something accessories applied in power construction.From the range of Low voltage ABC accessories and fittings to Pole line hardware fittings, from the distribution box to protection device, our produce ability and comprehensive supply chain is continuously improving for being perfect.

Sometimes when you are alone and being calm down, take a look around. Turn back the walls of these buildings, look inside the electrical appliances that fill your home or workplace or mansions and department stores besides the road, you’ll discover hundreds of electrical products help connect and transmit electricity for daily use.

You should keep in mind that we are CROP CHINA located in Wenzhou Yueqing which is possessed of the well-known “Electric City”, Our target is to satisfy needs of our customers by fast delivery service, guaranteed quality, fast reaction time and many more. We promise we will make your life more perfect.



– Low voltage aerial electrical fittings
– Telecom
– Transmission power line hardware & Fastener
– Cable terminal connector and accessories
– Distribution box, meter box , junction box, plastic accessories for electrical system
– Non-standard custom ordering
– Operation Device
– Heliformed line fittings
– Underground network



CROP® TECHNOLOGY GROUP is young corporate established in January 2010.  Idea and begin of CROP ascend to year 2000. During 10 years our product managers, meet many customers demands in energetic, which lead to create unified products, which are acceptable for West and East energetic norms. We passion on the technology to meet our mission: “Deliver Safety & Happiness, Make your life more Perfect”.


Become a sustainable development beyond 101 years of business.
Become a global electrical brand management experts.