Bolted Type PG Parallel Groove Clamp Connector

Description of Parallel Groove Connector

The PG parallel groove clamp is used for the connection of small and medium cross-section aluminum stranded wire or steel core aluminum stranded wire, and the steel stranded wire of overhead lightning protection wire at a position that does not bear tension. parallel groove connector is also used for the jumper connection of non-linear poles. Power engineering materials (fittings) are used for interconnection of connecting wires, which are mainly used in power line engineering.

The bolted type parallel groove clamp is made of plate-plate structure and aluminum alloy material. Relying on the fastening pressure of the bolt, the connected wire is fixed in the upper and lower grooved splints to complete the connection, and then transmitted through flat washers and spring washers. Provides a relatively uniform and constant pressure to the connecting wire. It can be disassembled after installation. It is often used at the jumper or ground wire lap joint at the strain end of the line to ensure that the clamp has sufficient and even pressure on the wire. The parallel groove connector generally adopts a two-bolt or three-bolt structure, and the installation requires uniform force when tightening the bolts. Sometimes in order to ensure the reliability of operation, two or three clamps are connected in parallel at equal intervals during line construction. The holding force of the bolt-type parallel groove clamp to the wire is about 10%-20% of the calculated breaking force of the wire.

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What is Parallel Groove Connector (PG clamp)?

The parallel groove connector PG clamp is suitable for the unbearable connection and branching of the conductors in the overhead power line, and is used in conjunction with the insulating cover for protection and insulation. Parallel groove clamps are contact fittings that connect wires in parallel to transmit electrical loads. They are widely used, such as jumpers for non-straight poles and towers, T-wiring at non-load-bearing connections of power systems, branch wires, switches, transformers and other electrical equipment leading down the wires. , The connection of the lightning protection wire grounding down wire, etc., can be completed by using the parallel groove clamp. they are all Bolted Type Parallel Groove Clamp Connector.

Types of Parallel Groove Connector (PG clamp)

When the power distribution overhead line is aluminum wire, and the lead wire is copper wire, a copper-aluminum parallel groove connector should be used, because the direct connection of copper-aluminum will cause copper-aluminum electrical corrosion. Corrosion and disconnection, causing power supply failure.So according to the material of connect conductor,it can be divided into copper parallel groove clamp, aluminum parallel groove clamp, copper and aluminum Bimetal parallel groove clamp.

CROP hot sale aluminum parallel groove connector is APG series and JB series.They are used for aluminum to aluminum conductor connection.