Heat shrink butt connectors BHT type

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Description of heat shrink butt connectors

Heat shrink butt connectors insulated crimp terminals BHT type are electrical connectors used to terminate stranded wires,creating a quality,reliable connection by ensuring each wire strand conducts current when properly crimpe.Heat shrink butt connectors insulated crimp terminals BHT type especially useful when multiple reconnections could be necessary within terminal blocks or other similar devices. No breakage of wire strands when wire is bent, under stress or in a vibration environment. Twin ferrule designs allow two individual stranded conductors to be connected to the same termination,most beneficial in jumpering or other similar applications.Wire terminal lugs disconnect is a kind of accessory for electrical connections, which can be crimped on cable/wire/ electrical equipment. A wide range of premium quality lugs we can supply,and satisfy your different demands.

Material of heat shrink butt

Crimp terminal material: Pure Copper
Insulating material: heat Shrinkable tube
Plating:Tin Plated
Shrink temperature: 150ºC
Operating temperature:-10ºC–105ºC

insulated crimp terminals


Heat shrink butt connectors,Heat shrink butt


Item No. Conductor Section Dimension(mm)   Max.Current Colour
A.W.G. mm2 d2 L
BHT 1.25 22-16 0.5-1.5 1.7 34 19A Red
BHT 2 16-14 1.5-2.5 2.3 34 27A Blue
BHT 5 12-10 4-6 3.4 41 48A Yellow

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Heat shrink butt connectors

Wiring instructions of crimp terminals

1.Strip wire insukator with a proper length and choose exact size of wire connector.
2.Crimp using a crimping tool for insukated connectors.
3.While rotating the connector,use a hot air gun to aim at the wire to make it contract.


Features of insulated crimp terminals

1.Smooth funnel entry to make wire insertion easier.
2.Secure contacting even after multiple reconnections.
3.Long-term contact resistance.
4.No fraying of strands.
5.No breakage of wire strands when wire is bent,under stress or in vibration environment.