Copper Braided Connectors with terminal lug

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Description of Copper braided connector with terminal lug

Copper braided connector with terminal lug manufactured out of flexible braided copper taps made out of annealed tinned Cu-ETP wires,with solderless pressed lugs,Ferrules,Welded Ends,the surface can be tinned or bare.Everywhere applicable where connections with smaller cross-sections made out of braided copper tapes are needed.
Single wire diameter: 0.05mm,0.07mm,0.10mm,0.12mm,0.127mm, 0.15mm, 0.2mm,0.25mm,0.254mm,0.3mm

The braided copper tape is suitable for the flexible connected wires of electrical equipment, electrical switch, electrical furnace, battery, etc.
Also can be as shielding sleeve for wire harness etc.
Customized available for special dimension,shapes and structure.We can according to your drawing customized.


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