Split Bolt Connectors T/J

Split-Bolt Connectors, For copper-to-copper connections. High-Strength Split-Bolt Connectors

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Split Bolt Connectors T/J


Split bolt connectors also known as bolt connectors or split bolt.It is suitable for the sequence and transportion of all kinds of conductor in power electric or grounding electrical connection,such as connecting,splicing and terminate conductors.The copper alloy body of split bolt connecors structure provides reliable protection in the presence of corrosive elements.


Bolt connectors are made of high strength,corrosion resistant copper alloy.It designed for copper to copper conductor connection.

Bolt connectors are made of high strength,corrosion resistant copper alloy finished with tinned.It designed for copper to copper conductor connection or opper to aluminum conductor connection.

Model L(mm) M(mm) C(mm) A(mm)
T/J-16 20 M17×2.5 6 18
T/J-25 27 M19×2.5 7 20
T/J-35 35 M21×2.5 7 22
T/J-50-70 42 M23×2.5 11 24
T/J-90-120 45 M25×2.5 14 26
T/J-150-185 60 M29×2.5 17 30
T/J-210-240 62 M31×2.5 20 32

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Split Bolt Connectors


CROP split bolt have three types: copper split bolt connector,copper tinned split bolt,copper split bolt connector with screw.

The following is the corresponding product picture.

bolt connectors


1.The individual conductors are tightly compressed and joined together to form a strong electrical connection.

2.Quickly rotate the threaded body for easy installation.

3.High strength,corrosion resistant.

4.Copper alloy bolt and hexagonal head and nut.