Stainless Steel Strapping Tool

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Stainless Steel Strapping Tool

Description of Stainless steel strapping tool

Stainless steel strapping tool also named steel strapping crimper,it is used to install stainless steel banding in width 1.2-20mm.Stainless steel strapping tool is developed for tension the stainless steel banding and mounting the fittings on wooden,concrete or metal poles.Application scenarios are pipe bundling, communication product securement, marine/construction projects.


The stainless steel strapping tool is made of stainless steel.

Size: 325x210mm /12.8×8.27 inch

Stainless steel strapping tool part

1.The operation knob is coordinated and properly matched.

2.The tightening handle and the adjustment knob are combined to fix the cable tie.

3.The cutter head control knob cooperates with the sharp special cutter head.

4.Blue, epoxy powder coated finish resists corrosive elements


1.Easy to use.Use correct band size and buckle for your project by measuring length from roll band (or use a pre-cut clamp) and installing a buckle.

2.Flexible.This tensioner can realize tightening different irregular shape pipes or concretes.

3.Wear-resistant and resistant to corrosion,Radiation and fire-retardant.

4.Have long durability and extended service life.

5.Fit your stainless steel banding.Banding tool strapping tensioners tool works with stainless steel and galvanized carbon steel bands; Accepts band sizes 1/5-inch to 3/4-inch (4.76mm to 19mm); 0.4mm to 0.8mm thickness strap; Most commonly used sizes are 1/2-inch, 5/8-inch, 3/4-inch; Band and buckle not included.

6.High strength.Tensions over 2,000 pounds (907 kg) of force.Drop forged with epoxy powder-coat finish for maximum strength and longevity that resists rust and corrosion.

The stainless steel strapping tool  has superior rust corrosion resistance and trouble proofed design, which strictly clamped the band and buckles.The cut knife withholds plenty of cutting cycles and guarantee long service period of tool.To complete the installation there is only one tool needed.

Stainless Steel Strapping Tool

PRODUCT CODE STTA1(NORMAL) STTA2(HEAVY DUTY) width(mm) <20 <20 thickness(mm) <1.2 <1.2

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