Tap Off Connector Underground Ring Type

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 Underground Ring Type


4 core or 3 1/2 core ring type tap off connector with IP2X protection and piercing retardant system.
On the connector ring is pressembled on the main conductor the plastic housing offer full protection against touching live contact teeth(finger test),test to EN 60529.During pressembly on the main conductor the contact protection system detects early contact teeth via the predetermined breaking point to ensure a large operational safety during tap off conductor assembly.


High strength aluminum alloy (AIMgSi),corrosion resistant,Contacts in brass (Cu Zn),electro tinned,insulation parts are glassfiber reinforced PA,screw are steel,grade 8.8.

Type Round Conductor Sector Conductor 90° Reference Torque
Main Tap Main Tap
UTC-1 70-95 6-70 70-95 6-50 15Nm
UTC-2 95-150 6-70 95-150 6-50 15Nm
UTC-3 95-150 6-150 95-150 6-150 15Nm
UTC-4 185-240 6-70 185-240 6-50 20Nm