Piercing Clamp IPC OEM Series

Insulation Piercing Connector for Aerial bundled Cable Standard: NFC 33 020

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Piercing Clamp

Piercing Clamp are suitable for majority types of LV ABC conductors as well as connections to service and lighting cable cores. When tightening the bolts, the teeth of the contact plates penetrate the insulation and establish a perfect contact.

The bolts are tightened until the heads shear off. Tightening torque guaranteed(fuse nut). Stripping of insulation is avoided.
Service condition: <1kV, 50/60Hz, -10°C to 55°C
Standard: IEC 61284, EN 50483, IRAM2435, NFC33 020.
Body: Thermoplastic polyamide 66 with fiberglass
Connecting bridge: Copper tinned, Brass tinned, Al
Sealing parts: Flexible PVC
End cap: Flexible PVC
Grease: Silica gel
Bolt: Hot dip galvanized steel, 8.8 grade
Washer, Nut: Hot dip galvanized steel
Fuse nut: Zinc alloy

Models IPC 150-35 CPL-1 PCT23C 95/70
Main Line(mm²) 35-150 16-95 25-95
Service Line (mm²) 6-35 16-25 6-70
Bolt No. 1 1 2
Torque (Nm) 17NM 17NM 17NM
Remarks ISO to ISO ISO to ISO ISO to ISO

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Piercing Clamp

• Tested for watertightness at a voltage of 6 kV for 30 min in a water bath
• Potential free tightening bolts allow safe installations on life lines
• Bimetallic, suitable for aluminium and copper conductors
• Long neck 13 mm shear head nut ensuring reliable installations
• Components not isolated, end cap attached to body
• Insulation material made of weather and UV resistant glass fibre reinforced polymer