Aerial Fuse holder FCC-V

Portafusibles aereo orientable “PF” Aerial Fuse-holder is used to protect street lighting power distribution lines and bare overhead power distribution lines connected to LV ABC lines from overcurrent. It is made of high quality materials resistant to mechanical and atmospheric impacts and UV radiation. Standard: NFC 33-020 , IRAM2445  

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Aerial Fuse holder


Aerial Fuse holder is used to protect street lighting power distribution lines and bare overhead power distribution lines.FCC model fuse holder has been designed to connect consumers between the low voltage overhead distribution lines and service,being able to connect conductors of 1.5 to 16mm2(AWG 16-5).

Fuse holder FCC type allows connection of the fuse NEZD with a stainless steel spring,flat copper tinned contacts ensure safe and proper connection.It is weatherproof,is available in two versions,horizontal and vertical(V).The base model is equipped with a FCC crimpeable terminal for connection to the customer and a contact line isolated for easy installation on main lines with insulation piercing connector(IPC).


Aerial Fuse holder can be used as a protection device,using fuses or as a point of connection and disconnection point using a contact element copper of plastic.This represents a great advantage over other products because there is no need eliminate to fixed,or cut the net,and since it is diffcult for the user to turn on the pole for possible fraud with the connection.

The FCC model has the ability to put the seals or cable tie to ensure a secure connection.

Aerial Fuse holder


FCC-H: Up to 63A,1kv,horizontal,insulated

FCC-V: Up to 63A,1kv,Vertical,insulated

FCC-HB: Up to 63A,1kv,horizontal,bare

FCC-VB: Up to 63A,1kv,Vertical,bare