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The Stainless Steel Strap Guide

Are you looking for something to strap the cable together for the overhead line or underground project?Do you need to strap the distribution box to the pole?Do you need to strap the transport goods.

All of the above needs,if the polyester, rubber, polypropylene, and nylon strapping can’t meet the requirment,There is no doubt that Stainless Steel Strap is your best choice.

If you are doing stainless steel Strap trade,this guide is exactly what you need.It include the what types of stainless steel are availabele to choose from,what tools and accessories you need and what to look for in a manufacturer.

What is Stainless Steel Strap?

Stainless steel banding

Stainless Steel Strap also named steel banding or metal banding.Stainless Steel Strap are used in many industries for a wide uses.Such as home appliance industry, automotive industry, real estate industry, machinery manufacturing, environmental equipment, medical equipment and so on.

Stainless Steel Strap is made of stainless steel with different width and thickness that can be surround any object.It used like a belt to strap objects together or fix an object in one place.With the increase in demand for stainless steel belts in various countries around the world,therefore,your business is also likely to benefit from learnibg more about it.

Performance of Stainless Steel Strap

1.The stainless steel strap has highest break strength.This mean that the stainless steel strap can withstand maximum weight and pressure before break.Stainless steel banding won’t bend to the weight or sharp edges of large loads.

2.The stainless steel strap is corrosion and weather resistant.When you purchase the stainless steel strap,you must want it can withstand various factors.Prevent rusting is one of the important factors you want to avoid when you buy the stainless steel strap banding.As you konw that rust is not only ugly,but also reduce the availability of the prodcut.Unlike ordinary steel, stainless steel banding has higher corrosion resistance than other metals or even other types of steel. Therefore, you can trust the stainless steel banding to protect your goods from moisture. It can be used indoors and outdoors where long exposures to high humidity and moisture can cause standard steel banding to rust.

3.The stainless steel strap is very strong,it has long service life.you won’t have to worry about frequent upkeep and replacement.

4.It Will Save You Money in the Long Run.While it may be more expensive at first, stainless steel banding is ultimately a money saver.

5.The thicker the band, the less malleable you’ll find them. So that’s an important factor to consider when determining the right size for your strapping needs.

Types of Stainless Steel Banding

Stainless steel like other materials,it has many different type of it.There are three most widely used types.

There are:

201 Stainless Steel Banding

304 Stainless Steel Banding

316 Stainless Steel Banding

Choose the right type stainless steel banding is very important when you purchase.So we should spend time to study each type.

201 Stainless Steel Banding

201 stainless steel banding is the most economical option.Due to its cost effective,the 201 SS stainless steel banding is considered to be industry standards.The hardness of 201 SS is harder than 304 SS.

304 Stainless Steel Banding

304 stainless steel banding is the most widely known and used type of SS.It offers excellent corrosion resistance.The performance is better than 201 SS.So the price of 304 SS also higher than 201 SS.Its performance in various environment is very powerful.The break strength is equal to type 316 SS,but sold in a lighter thickness.

316 Stainless Steel Banding

316 stainless steel banding is the most resistant to corrosion,it also ideal for extreme temperatures.Based on the above two factors,you will see it for natural gas drilling platforms, refrigerators and underwater ships.So the price is most expensive.

The width and thickness of the Stainless Steel Strap

The stainless steel Strap banding has different width and thickness,this is why they can be used so widely.The generally width is 1/4”(6.4mm),3/8”(9.5mm),1/2”(12.7mm),5/8”(16mm),3/4”(19mm).The generally thickness is 0.015”(0.4mm),0.020”(0.5mm),0.025”(0.64mm),0.028”(0.7mm),0.030”(0.75mm).The width and thickness also can be customized by customer’s requirement.

As we all know,the thicker the thickness,the greater the strength,but the price also expensive.So we need choose the right thickness and width to use,it’s not the thicker the better.First of all, this much strength will be hard to work with. Bending a thick slab of steel is never going to be easy. You have to be especially careful about choosing the correct product for your application and then using the correct tool to apply it.

Sainless Steel straps Accessories

Stainless steel straps cannot be used directly like cable ties, they need to be used in conjunction with what’s called a closure to “close the circle”around the object.When we wrap the stainless steel straps to the object that needs to be tied up, then install the stainless steel closure, use a stainless steel strap tool to tighten the stainless steel closure and the stainless steel strap, then the installation is complete.

There are for main types of closures

Buckles,available in both types 201,304,316 Stainless steel,the max band width is 3/8”(10mm),1/2”(12.7mm),5/8”(16mm),3/4”(20mm).

Wing seals,preferable for lighter gauge band,in both types 201,304,316 Stainless steel,the max band width is 3/8”(10mm),1/2”(12.7mm),5/8”(16mm),3/4”(20mm).

Screw Buckles,can be removed and often reused.in both types 201,304,316 Stainless steel,the max band width is 3/8”(10mm),1/2”(12.7mm),5/8”(16mm),3/4”(20mm).

Pusher seals,available as open or closed seals,comes in a vaiety of sizes and steel type.

Tools for Using Sainless Steel Banding

As we mentioned above,the Sainless Steel Banding need the tools for installation,can’t installation by hand. stainless steel banding isn’t always the easiest thing to work with. However, if you have the right tools for the job, it doesn’t have to be so much of a challenge.

Cutting Tools: These are obviously the tools you need to cut steel banding. The exact kind you need will depend on the type of banding you’re using. Heavy-duty steel is going to need equally heavy-duty cutting tools. You’ll need to cut your banding once when you get enough of it for the job and then probably once more after you’ve applied closure if you find there is excess banding hanging off.

Stainless Steel Strap tool
Stainless Steel Strap tool