Compression H-Tap Connector

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Compression H-Tap Connector

Description of Compression H-Tap Connector

Compression H-Tap Connector are constructed aluminum for higher conductivity. They are used for making parallel or tap connections. Other uses include two-way splicing and permanent pig-tailing. Often constructed of high quality aluminum, the H-tap connector resists corrosion, damage from chemicals and moisture. High conductivity and easy crimping make this connector a good choice for field use.

Material of Compression Tap Connector
Aluminum Alloy

H-tap connectors may have markings on them that display the cable size and correct installation die. Crimping can be completed with mechanical tools or hydraulic tools. A hard exterior shell offers insulated protection; an inner seal prevents dust from getting inside. The unique “H” shapes of these connectors reduce installation time. Their design includes heavy reinforced ribs to strengthen the compression joint and decrease the incidence of wire pull-out.

Features of H-tape connector

For use on AAC, ACSR conductors.
For cable taps and earth grid ring mains Sector-shaped conductors must be rounded with round-forming dies.

Compression Tap Connector

Models CRH-11 CRH-22 CRH-41 CRH-21 CRH-31 CRH-32
Outer Dimater Run “A” (mm) 4.8-8.2 10.0-14.0 16.2-22.4 8.3-14.0 13.0-22.4 13.0-22.4
Run “B” (mm) 4.8-8.2 10.0-14.0 16.2-22.4 4.8-9.6 4.8-11.4 11.6-16.0
Conductor Size Run “A” (mm²) 16-35 50-95 150-240 50-95 95-240 95-240
Run “B” (mm²) 16-35 50-95 150-240 16-50 16-70 70-150
Insulate Sleeve’s Models Plastic Type JH-1 JH-2 JH-3 JH-2 JH-2 JH-2
Rubber Type LHZ-1 LHZ-2 LHZ-3 LHZ-2 LHZ-2 LHZ-2