Split Bolt Grounding Connector

Split-Bolt Connectors, For copper-to-copper connections. High-Strength Split-Bolt Connectors

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Split Bolt Grounding Connector

The split bolt grounding connector is used to make a bonding connection between two copper ground wires.It is a very competitive component used in various equipment like electrical,industrial.It can be connect wide cable range from 16mm2 to 240mm2.


High strength,corrosion-resistant Copper or copper tinned


Model L(mm) M(mm) C(mm) A(mm)
T/J-16 20 M17×2.5 6 18
T/J-25 27 M19×2.5 7 20
T/J-35 35 M21×2.5 7 22
T/J-50-70 42 M23×2.5 11 24
T/J-90-120 45 M25×2.5 14 26
T/J-150-185 60 M29×2.5 17 30
T/J-210-240 62 M31×2.5 20 32



CROP is the manufacture who has focus on electric power fitting (preformed line fitting,transmission fitting,pole line hardware,cable lug and connectors,Split bolt grounding connector,Insulation piercing connector,anchoring clamp,stainless steel banding strapping) for more than 10 years,located in Zhejiang,China.

CROP Split bolt accoring to appearance,it can be divide into normal type and screw type.According to material,it can be divide into copper type and copper tinned type.

The following is the corresponding product picture.

bolt connectors copper split bolt connectorcopper split bolt connector with screw



1.Easy installation.It can be installated without tool.

2.Have a widely cable range.It provide excellent connections for two copper cable (Cu to Cu) for earthing ground system.

3.The split bolt connector is made of copper or copper tinned,so it have a high strength and high corrosion resistant.

4.High electrical and mechanical characteristics with thread stamped,so it s application of high torque.

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