Wedge connector tool

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Description of wedge connector tool

Wedge connector tool crimp tool is used for installing CRC series wedge connector,CRC-1,CRC-2,CRC-3 and CRC-4.

CRC-TUA(-1-2) for CRC-1,CRC-2

CRC-TUB(-3-4) for CRC-3,CRC-4

wedge connector tool,wedge connector

1.Fixed handle 2.Free handle 3.Cylinder body 4.Oil pump 5.Pivot screw 6.Unloading device 7.Clamping head 8.piston

How to use it

1.According to the wedge connector “C” sharp body code ,Then Choose the tools type.
CRC-1, CRC-2 should use TUA; CRC-3,CRC-4 should use TUB.

2.Move oxider layer by brush on the BARE conductor, if the conductor are insulated conductor,should strip the insulated coating.

3.Put Conductor on ‘C’ Sharp, then put inside the wedge inner parts,
till the wedge inner parts marking line covered by ‘C’ body, if not tight enought, you can use hammer to put wedge inner part more tight.
(if use hammer , should not use strong power) then Put wedge connector and conductor into the tools.

4.Press free handle to make the wedge connector FULL tight.
full tight mean the ‘C’ body edge on same level with wedge inner parts.

5.After FULL tight, rotate unloading device in anticlockwise. then the piston back to before installing.