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Cable lug crimping tool

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Battery crimping tool for cable lug

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Hydraulic crimping head and hydraulic electric pump

What is cable lugs?

Cable lugs is mainly used for the connecting the outlet terminal of the busbar of the substation and the electrical equipment,such as transformer, circuit breaker, isolating switch, wall bushing, etc., because the outlet terminals of common electrical equipment have the copper and aluminum two types, and the bus-outlet atmosphere has aluminum stranded wire and steel core aluminum stranded wire, so the terminal cable lug can be divided into three types: copper cable lug, aluminum lugs and bimetallic lugs. According to different installation methods and structural forms, cable terminal lugs are divided into two types: bolted lugs and crimping lugs. Each type of terminal lugs is divided into three types: 0°, 30°, and 90° according to the angle between the down conductor and the terminal of the electrical equipment.

DTL series copper-aluminum bimetallic cable lugs are suitable for transitional connection between aluminum core cables of power distribution devices and copper ends of electrical equipment. DL aluminum battery cable lugs are used to connect aluminum core cables to the aluminum ends of electrical equipment. DT copper cable lugs are used to connect copper core cables to the copper ends of electrical equipment. CROP has copper-aluminum bimetallic terminal lugs and equipment clamps produced by explosive welding technology. It has the characteristics of high weld strength, excellent electrical performance, resistance to galvanic corrosion, long service life, no breakage, and high safety.

How many types of cable lugs are there?

1. Copper cable lugs

2. Tinned copper lugs

3. Aluminum lugs

4. Bimetallic lugs

5. Welding cable lugs

6. Tubular lugs

7. Copper tube terminals

8. Cable lug pin type

9. Cable jointing 

10. Pre insulated lugs 

11.Pre insulated connector

12. Mechanical lug 

13. Mechanical connector

14. Split bolt connector

15. C connector

16. Copper cable link  

17. Aluminum cable link