H Shaped Aluminum Connector

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H Shaped Aluminum Connector

Description of H Shaped Aluminum Connector

H Shaped Aluminum Connector are made of aluminum alloy-filled grooves for application up to 35 kV and for use with aluminum to aluminum and aluminum to copper connections up to 240 mm2 conductor size.

It is used for parallel and tap connection on solid, compact and concentric stranded.


1.For use on AAC, ACSR conductors.

2.Oxide inhibitor in the grooves for a better electrical contact.

3.Main and tap cables cross section marked on the product for ease of identification.

4.Crimping die marked on the product for simplified tooling selection.

H Shaped Aluminum Connector

Models CRH-11 CRH-22 CRH-41 CRH-21 CRH-31 CRH-32
Outer Dimater Run “A” (mm) 4.8-8.2 10.0-14.0 16.2-22.4 8.3-14.0 13.0-22.4 13.0-22.4
Run “B” (mm) 4.8-8.2 10.0-14.0 16.2-22.4 4.8-9.6 4.8-11.4 11.6-16.0
Conductor Size Run “A” (mm²) 16-35 50-95 150-240 50-95 95-240 95-240
Run “B” (mm²) 16-35 50-95 150-240 16-50 16-70 70-150
Insulate Sleeve’s Models Plastic Type JH-1 JH-2 JH-3 JH-2 JH-2 JH-2
Rubber Type LHZ-1 LHZ-2 LHZ-3 LHZ-2 LHZ-2 LHZ-2

H Shaped Aluminum Connector can connect two wires of equal diameter and different diameter. The span of wires in the same slot is generally 3-4 specifications. When the H-shaped parallel groove clamp is connected to the wire, due to the ring force, the aluminum on the inner wall of the clamp is plastically deformed, and it is embedded in the twisted gap of the outer layer of the wire, and the effective contact surface is large. The H-shaped parallel groove clamp pairs the wire The grip strength is about 40%-65% of the calculated breaking force of the wire.