Down Guy Guard Yellow Plastic 8ft

Guy markers

Material: Polyethylene anti UV or PVC

Price: 3.8-5 USD/Piece

MOQ: 100 pieces

Delivery time: 7 days

Port: Any port in China,regular is Ningbo or Shanghai

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Down guy guard yellow plastic 8ft

Down guy guard yellow plastic also named guy markers,it is used to identify down guys or other wire and cable installations where anchoring devices are exposed to pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic.The standard length is 8ft,the diameter can be from 1″ to 2 1/4″.

It is manufactured by polyethylene or PVC premium UV inhibitors.The tube profile is full round.

Two accessories used with:

  1. It can be used with one nylon cable tie at each end.The function of nylon cable tie is lock the down guy guard to the anchor rod.
  2. It also can be used with the metal clamp on one end,the function of metal clamp  is to lock the conductor to the guy guard.

Yellow Guy Wire Guards


Type Size Thickness
Color Accessories
PVC50.8 2″ 1.6 2440 Yellow A: cable tie
B: metal clamp
GM 2″ 2″ 1.6 2440 Yellow
GM 1″ 1″ 1.6 2440 Yellow
GM 2-1/4″ 2-1/4″ 1.6 2440 Yellow


The standard color of CROP guy markers is yellow,other colors can be customized.

Installation of down guy guard with nylon cable tie

Step 1: Position down guy guard so that top of Marker is upward on the strand.

Step 2: Place the slit of the Marker on the strand. Push the strand through overlap into center of Marker.

Step 3: Continue application by simultaneously rotating and pushing Marker onto strand. In new construction just slide Marker onto strand, and then apply deadend.

Step 4: Continue rotating and pushing Marker onto strand until strand is completely inside Marker, and Marker can be freely moved up and down strand.

Step 5: Remove zip tie and insert zip tie strap through the two slots.

Step 6: Pull Marker down over deadend allowing Marker to expand and conform to hardware as required. Wrap zip tie strap around Marker and hardware. Place the zip tie strap through its self-locking tab. Pull tightly to secure Marker.


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Type Quantity/woven bags Gross weight/woven bags Net weight/woven bags Volume/woven bags woven bags size
GM-2″ with 1pc metal clamp 15 pcs 10 kg 9.5kg 0.109 245×18.5x24cm
GM-2″ with 2pc cable tie 15 pcs 9.5 kg 9 kg 0.109 245×18.5x24cm

Above packing detail just for your reference to calculate the freight cost.

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