Double Locking Nylon Cable Tie

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Description of tie wraps with double locking

Tie wraps with double locking(as known as a hose tie, zip tie) is used as fastener,for holding items like cables, wires, conducts, plants or other things in the industry of electrical & electronic,lighting,hardware,pharmaceutical,chemical,computer,machinery,agriculture together,primarily electrical cables or wires.Cause the low cost and ease of use,cable zip ties are use in a wide range of other applications.

The common cable tie, normally made of nylon, has a flexible tape section with teeth that engage with a pawl in the head to form a ratchet so that as the free end of the tape section is pulled the cable tie tightens and does not come undone. Some ties include a tab that can be depressed to release the ratchet so that the tie can be loosened or removed,and possibly reused.

Working temperature:Applied form -10℃ to 85℃。

Material:Nylon 66,94V-2 UL.

Cable tie HS code:3916901000

Feature:Flame-retardant(94V-2),heat-resistant,insulated well and not easy to age.

Usage:double locking,have the strong supporting capacity.

Colour:White,Black,nature standard color or other colour according to customer request.

We can do OEM according to the samples or drawings.


Item No. Length W(mm) Bundle diameter
Min Tensile strength
Inch L(mm) LBS KGS
CT-114DT 4.5″ 114 6 8-28 50 22
CT-175DT 6.8″ 175 6 8-40 50 22
CT-180DT 7″ 180 9 15-45 67 30
CT-260DT 10 1/4″ 260 9 30-66 67 30
CT-350DT 13 5/8″ 350 9 30-90 67 30

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