Copper laminated flexible connectors

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Description of laminated flexible copper connectors

Laminated flexible copper connectors consists of C 11000 copper foils,the both ends of which are press-welded together.It can be tinned coating or silver plate.The length of the contact surface can be designed according to the installation requirements.

Standard design has no drilling requirements, you can drill holes on the contact surface according to the drawings.

Insulation material: standard design without insulation material, it can use PVC insulation sleeve heat shrink fixed.

Thecopper laminated flexible connectors is suitable for the flexible connected wires of electrical equipment, electrical switch, electrical furnace, battery, etc.Also can be as shielding sleeve for wire harness etc.

Most of the laminated copper foil connectors are customized according to the drawing.


Type Length
CST4x40 290 40 4
CST5x50 290 50 5
CST6x60 340 60 6
CST6x80 380 80 6
CST8x80 380 80 8
CST10x80 380 80 10
CST10x100 450 100 10
CST10x120 500 120 10
CST10x125 500 125 10
CST12x125 500 125 12

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Copper laminated flexible connectors