Straight Line Strain Clamp

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Product Description

Dead ends bolted Aluminum Straight line strain clamp for distribution and light transmission constructuion with all aluminum, ACSR or aluminum alloy conductor. These clamps have high holdingpower and large range taking ability.( Straight Contoured Groove).

Used Materials
Body and keeper: aluminum alloy
Hardware: galvanized steel
Socket and Clevises: Iron, galvanized
Cotter Pin: Stainless Steel

The product is manufactured and supplied in modification’s as is showed upwards in product range.

Storage and transport
Product do not have any specific requirements on storage. It is fire-resistand it is not dangerous.


Type Conductor Dia.(mm) Dimensions(mm) U-BOLT NO. U.T.S(KN) weight(kg)
NLZ-1L 3.8-9.4 114 19 16 2 20 0.60
NLZ-2L 5.8-10.4 195 19 16 2 35 0.84
NLZ-3L 7.6-15.2 195 19 16 2 45 1.05
NLZ-4L 11.7-22.4 240 24 16 2 45 1.34