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All suspension clamp types

suspension clamp
Suspension clamp SC25-95
suspension clamp for overhead lines
Suspension clamp SC25-95-Fr
suspension clamp for abc cable
Suspension clamp assembly SC25.95-Fr+BR2
suspension clamp assembly
Suspension clamp assembly SC25.95+BR1
suspension clamp price
Suspension clamp assembly SC25.95+BR3
Suspension clamp
J hook suspension clamp HC
suspension clamp
J hook suspension PS
Suspension grip for ADSS
Preformed suspension clamp
clamp suspension
ADSS suspension clamp D
adss suspension clamp
FTTX suspension clamp
abc suspension clamp
ABC suspension clamp SU series
suspension clamp for abc cable price
ABC suspension clamp
suspension clamp for ab cable
ABC suspension clamp
Anchoring clamp Bracket
Suspension clamp bracket BR2
suspension clamp Bracket
Suspension clamp bracket BR1
suspension clamp Bracket 3
Suspension clamp bracket BR3

What is suspension clamp?

Suspension clamps are used to connect ABC cables, ADSS optical cables, FTTX optical cables and other wires or cables suspended to poles or towers. It can be used for installation at an angle of 30 degrees to 60 degrees, so it is also called angle suspension clamp. According to the different types of cables used, the suspension clamps can be divided into suspension clamps for ABC cables, suspension clamps for ADSS optical cables, suspension clamps for FTTX optical cables, and suspension clamps for overhead cables. , Suspension clamp for transmission line. According to different materials, it can be divided into plastic suspension clamps, aluminum suspension clamps and preformed suspension clamps. CROP has a complete range of suspension clamps, with high quality and good safety performance.

It has the following characteristics:

1.Use hanging clamps to protect ABC cables, ADSS optical cables, FTTX optical cables, etc. very well.

2.Has a good auxiliary damping effect.

3.It can extend the service life of the circuit well.

4.The installation is simple and convenient.

How to choose the suitable suspension clamp?

First,you need to know the cable type,ABC cable ,ADSS cable or FTTX cable.Second,you need to know the cable size and strength.

CROP is the professional suspension clamp manufacture for 11 years.We are experts in the power fittings industry. We have an excellent technical team, sales team and after-sales team. If you have any questions about power products, please feel free to contact us. We will contact you as soon as we receive your question.

Suspension clamp types

1.ABC suspension clamp 

2.ADSS suspension clamp

3.FTTX suspension clamp

4.Transmission line suspension clamp

5.Plastic suspension clamp

6.Aluminum suspension clamp

7.Preformed suspension clamp

Suspension clamp for ABC cable

Suspension clamp SC series

CROP Suspension clamp SC series are designed to self suspension the bundle of ABC cables to the power or tower.The suspension angle can be self adjust,so it also called adjustable suspension clamp.They can be used with CROP suspension clamp bracket or pigtail bolt and other Bracket with hook.The SC series ABC suspension clamp are made of weather & UV resistant fiberglass reinforce plastic.

The ABC suspension clamp SC series has two types,

1SC25.95,the cable range is 16-95 sq mm,the strength is 15KN.It can be use with CROP bracket BR1,BR3 as below picture.

suspension clamp assembly

1SC25.95-Fr,the cable range is 16-95 sq mm,the strength is 15KN.It can be use with CROP bracket BR2 or other Bracket with hook as below picture.

suspension clamp assembly

How to install suspension clamps SC series for aerial bundle cables.

suspension clamp installation

Do you know how to install the suspension clamps SC series for aerial bundle cables? Let me introduce the installation steps of the suspension clamp. I believe that you can all be experts in installing suspension clamps.

Things to prepare:

①Aluminum bracket

②ABC suspension clamp

③Stainless steel buckle

④Stainless steel banding

⑤Cable,including neutral messenger cable,phase cables and service cables.

⑥Stainless steel banding tools

First step: Fix the aluminum bracket to the pole.

You can use the stainless steel banding and buckle to fix the bracket to the also can use the bolts to fix it.Both methods are good choice.First,cut the stainless steel strap of appropriate length,put the stainless steel strap in the middle of the aluminum bracket to the pole.please note the protrusion should point upwards.then put on the stainless steel buckle with the stainless steel strap.Then,use the stainless steel strap tool tighten the stainless steel strap.please note,it must need two stainless steel strap to fix the stainless steel strap,otherwise it will be weak.

suspension clamp installation

step 1

Second step: installation the cable suspension clamp to the bracket,formed a suspension clamp assembly.Open the moveable link of the suspension clamp body,put it in the circular ring of the bracket and close it.please not the groove of the suspension clamp need towards the pole.

suspension clamp installation

Step 2

Third step: Put the cable in the groove of the suspension clamp.  

suspension clamp installation

Step 3

Suspension clamps for self supported twisted conductors SU series

ABC suspension clamps for self supported twisted conductors SU series is used for anchor the insulated overhead lines on the support place,usually use with the is also called angle suspension clamp.the cable suspension clamp for overhead lines is made of hot dip galvanized steel hook and the insert part is rubber,which can be hold the cable against move.The installation angle maximally 30 degree.The guarantee strength is 10KN.Slip is 15KN.Point of deformation is 28KN.

Type: SU-Mini10.35 cable range: 2-4×10-35 mm2 Strength: 10KN

Type: SU-Mini50.95 cable range: 4×50-95 mm2 Strength: 15KN

Type: SU-Mini120.150 cable range: 4×120-150mm2 Strength: 20KN

Estimate packing detail:

Carton dimension:46x26x28 cm

1 carton quantity: 50 pcs

Gross weight: 25kg

Net weight: 24kg

suspension clamp

ADSS suspension clamp

The ADSS suspension clamp is used for ADSS cable.It has same function like ABC suspension clamp.CROP ADSS suspension clamp has two types,one is for figure 8 ADSS cable.the other one is for round ADSS cable.

The suspension clamps is used for suspension different diameter and messenger’s type figure 8 fiber optical cable on short span.The cable suspension clamps are universal to be applied on steel ,FRP,kevlar,AAC messenger.Fiber optic cable route can be straight or turning with angles up to 25 degree.CROP ADSS suspension clamp does not cut the cable jacket and guarantee the long period of usage.Below optical fiber suspension accessories are made of UV resistant plastic,galvanized steel plates and hardware.It allows the suspension clamp are very easy installation the optical fiber cable to the concrete,wooden,metal pole with suspension hook or stainless steel strap.

ADSS suspension clamp

The suspension clamp for round ADSS cable for all dielectric self supporting ADSS cable used for aerial round optical fiber cable.These optical fiber cable accessories can be installed on short spans at intermediate poles.ADSS suspension clamp are very easy in installation of optical fibr line and appropriate mechanical resistance.The ADSS cable suspension clamp can be archived by tightening nut until needed strength will be reach.Or self adjusting under cable weight.Neoprene insert or strap does not allow the optical cable to slip from the suspension fitting.The ADSS cable may be different sizes,but fiber optical cable route should be straight with angles up to 25 degree.

ADSS suspension clamp

The J hook suspension clamp for ADSS optical fiber cable has two types,HC series and PS series.The appearance of the two types is same.the different between the two types is the strength and cable size.the strength of PS type is bigger than the HC series.The PS series cable size is wide than HC series.

J hook suspension clamp

How to install the J hook suspension clamp?

Step 1: Fix the J hook suspension clamp to the pole by stainless steel banding or horse clamp.

Step 2: Insert the cable to the hole of the J hook suspension clamp body.

Step 3: Tighten the nut so that the main body of the rubber part firmly locks the cable

Is it easy and quick?

suspension clamp

Short span ADSS preformed cable suspension clamp

The short span ADSS prefabricated cable suspension clamp is used to connect all dielectric self-supporting ADSS cables to the linear tower. This product can suppress the dynamic stress of wind vibration, thereby improving the resistance to optical vibration. The optical cable cannot exceed the allowable value to prevent the loss of accessories from the optical fiber. The choice of product depends on the diameter, span and rated tensile strength of the optical cable.The span up to 50 meters.

preformed suspension clamp

FTTX suspension clamp

The FTTX cable clamp applied on the round and flat type optical fiber cable.Tension strength achieved by excentral layout of cable in the clamp or wedges.Radius of excentral is enough for the optical signal to work properly,without losses.Open or closed wire bails provide an easier installation.    

FTTX suspension clamp