10KV Insulation piercing connector with grounding rings

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Insulation piercing connector with grounding rings

Insulation piercing connector with grounding rings are suitable for majority types of MV ABC conductors as well as connections to service and lighting cable cores. When tightening the bolts, the teeth of the contact plates penetrate the insulation and establish a perfect contact. The bolts are tightened until the heads shear off. Tightening torque guaranteed(fuse nut). Stripping of insulation is avoided.

Tin-plated copper alloy blades imbaedded in molded plastic and surrounded with a sealing compound insure electrical contact in 1KV or 10KV overhead distribution networks. A single or double torque-control nut draw the two halves of the connector together and shears off when the teeth have pierced the insulation and made contact with the conductor strands.

1.Service condition: <1kV, 50/60Hz, -10°C to 55°C

2.Electric performance: expanded wire range rate of the resistance is lower than 2.5

3.Mechanical performance: the connector has no crack when the lead is broken by pulling

4.Temperature rise performance: under the condition of big current, the temperature rise the connector is less than the connection lead

5.Heat circle performance: 200timers per second, 100A/mm2 big current overload, the change of the connection resistance is less than 5%

6.Water proof performance: resistant to 6kv1minute after 30minutes immersion in water Fire proof performance: V0 fireproof

7.Resistance to corrosion: under the condition of SO2 and salt fog the connector can do three times of 14days circle test.

8.Environment aging performance: under the circumstance of ultraviolet radiation, dry and moist, expose it with change of temperature and heat impulse for 6weeks.

Standard: IEC 61284, EN 50483, IRAM2435, NFC33 020.

Suitable for Aluminum and copper conductors.

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