Aluminum PG clamp/ Parallel Groove Clamp

Parallel Groove Clamp AL-AL

Origin: China

Type: PG660

*For Al to Al conductor

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Aluminum PG clamp/ Parallel Groove Clamp

The aluminum PG clamp / parallel groove clamp is used for the connection of small and medium cross-section aluminum stranded wire that does not bear tension. It is also used for the jumper connection of non-linear poles. Power engineering materials (fittings) are used for interconnection of connecting wires, which are mainly used in power line engineering.

The aluminum PG clamp PG 660 series is our hot sale product selling wordwide.The main cable range and service cable range from 16 to 300 sqmm.It is used to connection AL -AL conductor.If the cable contains an insulating sheath, the insulating sheath must be stripped before using the parallel groove clamp for paralleling. It is not like a piercing clamp that can be pierced into the insulating sheath.

Product parameter

Models PG660-11 PG660-12 PG660-22 PG660-23 PG660-24
Main Line(mm²) 16-70 16-150 16-70 16-150 25-185
Service Line (mm²) 16-70 16-150 16-70 16-150 25-185
Bolt No. 1 1 2 2 2
Remarks Al to Al  Al to Al  Al to Al  Al to Al  Al to Al 

Parallel Groove Clamp

Models PG660-31 PG660-32 PG660-33 PG660-34
Main Line(mm²) 16-70 16-150 25-240 35-300
Service Line (mm²) 16-70 16-150 25-240 35-300
Bolt No. 3 3 3 3
Remarks Al to Al  Al to Al  Al to Al  Al to Al 


The parallel groove clamp is made of plate-plate structure and aluminum alloy material.

Relying on the tightening pressure of bolts, the connected wires are fixed in the upper and lower grooved splints to complete the connection, and then transmitted through flat washers and spring washers. Provides a relatively uniform and constant pressure effect on the connecting wires. It can be disassembled after installation. It is often used at the jumper or ground wire lap joints at the strain end of the line. In order to ensure that the clamp has sufficient and even pressure on the wire, it is grooved. The parallel groove clamp generally adopts a two-bolt or three-bolt structure, and the installation requires uniform force when tightening the bolts. Sometimes in order to ensure the reliability of operation, two or three clamps are connected in parallel at equal intervals during line construction. The holding force of the bolt-type parallel groove clamp to the wire is about 10%-20% of the calculated breaking force of the wire.


The inner packing is white box,the outer packing is carton.

Aluminum PG clamp

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