Copper Split Bolts

Split-Bolt Connectors, For copper-to-copper connections. High-Strength Split-Bolt Connectors

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Copper Split Bolts

Copper split bolts is also named split bolt connector,it is used for connecting the 2 copper wire in power or grounding electrical connection applications.It is suitable for connecting a wide range of stranded copper earthing conductors.The conductor range from 16-240 mm2.The internal pressure bar provides a secure connection on a full range of conductor combinations used with each Lug assuring premium wire pull-out strength.


Made of high strength,corrosion resistant Copper alloy or copper alloy tinned

Split Bolt Connector Size Chart

Model L(mm) M(mm) C(mm) A(mm)
T/J-16 20 M17×2.5 6 18
T/J-25 27 M19×2.5 7 20
T/J-35 35 M21×2.5 7 22
T/J-50-70 42 M23×2.5 11 24
T/J-90-120 45 M25×2.5 14 26
T/J-150-185 60 M29×2.5 17 30
T/J-210-240 62 M31×2.5 20 32



CROP code: T/J,made of copper alloy,can be used for copper to copper conductor connection.

CROP code: T/JS,made of copper alloy tinned,can be used for copper to copper,copper to aluminum,aluminum to aluminum conductor connection.

CROP code: T/JB,made of copper alloy,can be used for copper to copper conductor connection.This type can be used with other pole line hardware to fix the conductor.

The following is the corresponding product picture.

bolt connectors copper split bolt connectorcopper split bolt connector with screw


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