Solar IPC Insulation Piercing Connector

Solar Insulation Piercing Connector

Origin: China

Type: CRT Series

*Copper tinned teeth can be used for copper or aluminum conductor.

Aluminum teeth can be used for aluminum conductor.

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Solar IPC Insulation Piercing Connector

Solar IPC insulation piercing connector is used for solar system to connect the main cable to tap cable.It can be connect copper to copper cable,copper to aluminum cable,aluminum to aluminum cable.Used for which material cable is decide by the material of the teeth.

The insulation piercing connector has 1 bolt or 2 bolt type,the 2 bolt type conductor range is bigger than 1 bolt type.You can see below product has two color,the black color is normal type,the red color is fire retardant.

CRT Series 

Solar Insulation Piercing Connector

CRTFVO Series 

Insulation Piercing Connector

Solar IPC

Product Structure

The solar IPC is consists of the body,blades,bolt,washer,plastic cap,end cap.The body is made of  UV resistant plastic raw materials.The blades made of copper tinned,copper alloy tinned and aluminum.The copper tinned and copper alloy tinned blades can be used to connect copper to copper conductor,copper to aluminum condcutor,aluminum to aluminum condcutor.The aluminum blades just can be used to connect aluminum to aluminum conductor.The bolt and washer are made of stainless steel or hot dip galvanized steel.The plastic cap and end cap is also made of UV resistant plastic raw materials.

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