Core end terminal PTV type

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Description of Insulated wire compression terminal

Insulated wire compression terminal are also named compression terminal or core end terminal,wire compression terminalused to terminate stranded wires,creating a quality,reliable connection by ensuring each wire strand conducts current when properly crimped.Especially useful when multiple reconnections could be necessary within terminal blocks or other similar devices. No breakage of wire strands when wire is bent, under stress or in a vibration environment.core end terminal designs allow two individual stranded conductors to be connected to the same termination,most beneficial in jumpering or other similar applications.

Material of wire compression terminal

Tin plated copper,PVC

Features of compression terminal

1.Smooth funnel entry to make wire insertion easier.
2.Secure contacting even after multiple reconnections.
3.Long-term contact resistance.
4.No fraying of strands.
5.No breakage of wire strands when wire is bent,under stress or in vibration environment.

Product picture of core end terminal

Item No. Dimension(mm) Color Specification
PTV 1.25-9 4.3 1.9 10 19 Red Conductor section:0.5-1.5mm2
A.W.G.: 22-16
Max Current:I max.=19A
Thickness: 0.7mm
PTV 1.25-10 1.9 20
PTV 1.25-12 1.9 22
PTV 1.25-13 1.9 23
PTV 1.25-18 1.9 28
PTV 2-9 4.9 1.9 10 19 Blue Conductor section:1.5-2.5mm2
A.W.G.: 16-14
Max Current:I max.=27A
Thickness: 0.8mm
PTV 2-10 1.9 20
PTV 2-12 1.9 22
PTV 2-13 1.9 23
PTV 2-18 1.9 28
PTV 3.5-12 6.2 2.8 12.5 24.5 Black Conductor section:4-6mm2
A.W.G.: 12-10
Max Current:I max.=48A
Thickness: 1.0mm
PTV 5.5-13 6.7 2.8 13 25.5 Yellow
PTV 5.5-18 2.8 30

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