Drop Wire Clamps for Fiber Optic Cable

Stainless Steel Drop Wire Clamps for Telecommunication Entrance Cable To Mounting Device The drop wire clamp is to connect a triplex overhead entrance cable to a devices or buildings.Widely used both indoor installation and outdoor installation.Provided with a serrated shim to increase hold on drop wire. Used to support one and two pair telephone drop wire at span clamps,drive hooks, and various drop attachments. Material:Stainless Steel (316, SS430, SS201,SS304) and aluminum For Cable: 1-2 Pairs And 6 Pairs Support and tension flat electrical wire Effective and time saving for cabling. Max. pull force: 180KGS and 260KGS. Color plated for better protection away from corrosion Application:telecom construction

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Drop Wire Clamps for Fiber Optic Cable


Drop wire clamps for fiber optic cable is used to connect an overhead entrance fiber cable to an optical device of a house.

The drop wire clamp ODWAC is composed of a body, a wedge and a shim.A solid wire bail is crimped to the wedge. All parts are made out of stainless steel.Fiber optic drop cable clamp made of stainless steel material.It furnished with a perforated gasket which increases the tension load on drop clamp without cable slip and damage,supply a long time usage life.The stainless steel wire can be used with drive hooks,pole brackets,FTTH brackets and other fiber optic cable fittings or hardware.


1.Operation temperatures from -50 ℃ to +60℃.

2.Easy installation to wall or pole with hooks or pole brackets.

3.Weather resistance,perfect tensile performance.


1.Place the cable in the stainless steel drop wire clamps body.

2.Place the shim in the fiber optic drop cable clamp body over the cable,the grip side in contact with the cable.

3.Insert the wedge through the front of the body and pull to secure the cable.


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