Pole Bracket ,F21

Pole Bracket Size: F21 The Fiber Optic Cable clip is mainly for managing the fiber optic cables connected to a surface,having a locking jaw structure capable of securing the cable for subsequent mounting to a surface according to the present invention.The upper and lower jaw portions and each define a fastener receiving aperture, there is a mechanica l fastener screw for securing the clip (and cable) to a mounting surface. The ability to lock the clip onto the cable prior to mounting the cable to the mounting surface reduces the time required to install the cable. The body is made of ABS,flame retardant . The FTTH Installation Accessories Set concludes:junction box,fiber wall socket(also named Single family unit rosette,SFU rosette),draw hooks,cable clamp,cable wall bushings,cable glands,cable clips,tail duct,cable wiring duct,nail clip.

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