Distribution Boards Surface Mount with DIN Rail

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 Surface Mount with DIN Rail

Description of electrical junction box

An electrical junction box also name as distribution box,it is an enclosure housing electrical connections.Junction box protect the electrical connections from the weather,as well as prevent people from accidental electric shocks.

Material of junction box

Body material: ABS

Transparent door: PC

Earth / Natural bars: Brass

Material characteristics: Impact,heat,low temperature and chemical resistance,excellent electrical performance and suface gloss etc.

Certificates: CE,ROHS

Protection grade: IP50

Application of distribution box

The distribution box suitable for indoor and outdoor electric,communication,fire fighting apparatus,iron and steel smelting,petrochemical industry,electron,power system,railway,building,environmental equipment and so on.

Installation of distribution box

1.Inside: there are din rail inside for din-rail type circuit breakers,earth bar and natural bar for cable connection.

2.Outside: the products can be directly fixed on the wall or other flat boards with screw or nails via the screw holes in the base.

Outlet hole: the plastic plate in the hole can be knocked off for cables.Electrical Junction Box

Type Modules Dimension(mm)
DBS 4 4 ways 112 200 96
DBS 6 6 ways 148 200 97
DBS 8 8 ways 184 200 96
DBS 12 12 ways 256 200 63
DBS 18 18 ways 364 200 63
DBS 24 24 ways 270 325 100
DBS 36 36 ways 305 473 100