Junction Box Waterproof enclosure SHQ series

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Junction Box Waterproof  enclosure SHQ series

Junction box is suitable for indoor and outdoor electric,communication,fire fighting apparatus,iron and steel smelting,petrochemical industry,electron,power system,railway,building,mine,air and sea port,hotel,ship,works,waste water treatment equipment,environmental equipment and so on. Combined body and cover are fixed with four plastic screws that are difficult to fall off. Its specification and size can be designed based on the customer requirements.Economic and affordable. Only have1/4 weight of iron box ,to facilitate handling and operation, no corrosion, easy insulation.

Body: ABS or PC,can be selected according to the customer’s requirements.
Stopper: PVC

Colour: Grey
Protection Level: IP66
Working Temperature: -40°C~80°C
Customized: Accept

Function:Waterproof, Dustproof, corrosion resistance, shock resistance, long life using

1.Inside:There are the installation holes in the base for circuit board or din rail.
2.Outside:The products can be directly fixed on the wall or other flat boards
with screws or nails via the screw holes in the base.
The plastic plate in the hole can be knocked off and installing cable gland to get better waterproof performance.