Round Meter Base Socket 100A single phase

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Round Meter Base Socket 100A single phase


The round meter base socket 100A single phase is made of die cast aluminum.The electro-statically applied epoxy and polyester resins,which are baked on,from a durable,light gray exterior.The current carrying parts are mad of copper alloy.The ground connector is designed to insure a positive electrical connectio nby effectively  clamping the conductor against a serrated surface.

1.Round meter socket 100Amps,120/240V AC,Single phase,4 terminals,2 or 3 wire Copper Jaw,Copper or aluminum connector.

2.The Die-cast Aluminum round meter socket,Gray color exterior.

3.The current carrying parts made of phosphor copper.

4.The ground connector is designed to in sure a positive electrical connection.

5.Stainless steel sealing ring.

6.Fix hub size:1/2,3/4,1,1-1/4 for option.


1.Temporary service.

2.Outdoor advertising.

3.Small customer service.

4.Other low amperage requirements.

Round Meter Base Socket

Type Description Fixed Hubs Size
CR-100B 1 Phase,100A,120/240Vac,4jaw 1/2″
CR-100C 1 Phase,100A,120/240Vac,4jaw 3/4″
CR-100D 1 Phase,100A,120/240Vac,4jaw 1″
CR-100E 1 Phase,100A,120/240Vac,4jaw 1 1/4″

Round Meter Base Socket

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