Polyphase Meter Box ,PMB003

Suitable for receiving a single-phase or two-phase meter with energy boxes the thermo-magnetic switch or a three-phase meter without switch. It allows to install removable gauges type “socket” or meters “bottom”, according to the case is provided with respective accessories. Optionally you can install a device for driving a unipolar or bipolar

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Polyphase Meter Box

PMB 003

Size: 312×205×120
Height: 197
Base height: 85
Base deep: 75
Width: 197
Voltage: 120V/240V, Max: 600V
Current: 100A, Max: 125A
Cable gland: 2×PG19, 1×PG13.5
Accessories: 1×mounting plate
Comply with ANSI C 119, ASTM B 117, UL 1059.