Ground Rod C Crimp Connector

Ground rod C crimp connector also named Copper C Tap Connector.The cross-section areas from 10sqmm to 895sqmm.


Material: Copper or Copper tinned

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Ground Rod C Crimp Connector

Ground rod C crimp connector also named Copper C Tap Connector.The Ground rod C crimp connector available to achieve earthing connections on copper type cable conductors with cross-section areas 10sqmm to 895sqmm. It is can be used with the ground rod on the earthing system.It is installed using appropriate ratchet, hydraulic or battery type crimping tools and associated die sets.

Copper C Tap Connector Material

99.9% pure copper

Coating: Nature or Tinned


Ground Rod C Crimp Connector


Parameters Table

Model Suitable section of conductor(mm²) A H L b C
CCT-10 7.5-14 9.5 6.2 12 1.6 4
CCT-16 14.5-16 11.8 7.8 13 2 5
CCT-20 16.5-20 12.8 9.7 13 2.9 5.4
CCT-26 21-26 14.7 10.9 16 3.2 6.5
CCT-44 27-44 19 14.4 20 4 8.5
CCT-60 45-60 21 15.1 22 4 9.7
CCT-76 61-76 24.4 17.6 22 5 10.8
CCT-98 77-98 27.8 18.8 25 5 12.8
CCT-122 99-122 29.8 21.2 26 5.5 13.5
CCT-154 123-154 34 24.4 28 6 17
CCT-190 155-190 37 25.4 35 6 17.4
CCT-240 191-240 40 28.5 40 7 19
CCT-288 141-288 44.5 31.1 45 7 22.3
CCT-365 289-365 47.5 34 50 7 24.8
CCT-450 366-450 57 41 60 10 28
CCT-560 451-560 62 45 65 11 31
CCT-700 561-700 68 49.5 70 12 34
CCT-895 630-895 72 45 66.5 12 31

battery type crimping tools and associated die sets

battery type crimping tools and associated die sets




  1. The pump can be used as instruments of various hydraulic pump.
  2. The pump after be equipped with other hydraulic tools, capable oflifting, pressure-type, bend, bend row, straightening, cutting, assembly, disassembly and many other work. Reduce the labor intensity and improve work efficiency.
  1. Open the filler before use, the electric pump and power connectionsbefore oiling, then press down the black button which next to the motor toopen, press the manual operation switch (up), after a few air pressure, press the manual operation switch (down), turn off the motor, connected to tubing. (The pressure should not exceed 63Mpa when air pressure, in order to avoid damage)
  2. Open the motor after the pump connect with the equipment, and placedthe operation valve in pressurized position after the motor rotates 1-2minutes, this moment the hydraulic oil come into the cylinder to perform the work, and the output of the hydraulic oil will increases with the load on their own booster until 63Mpa.
  3. The oil pump regular working temperature between 10℃~50℃,whenfind the oil temperature≥70 ℃ should stop using after continuous working under high pressure, let it self-cooling before use.
  4. The pressure of the relief valve and safety valve have been set before thepump leave the factory, the user can not arbitrarily increase the pressure,could only reduce it according to the actual working pressure, that can improve the life of the pump station.
  5. The motor must have reliable grounding
Model Capacity Pressure Flow Rate
ZCB-63A 8 2MPa 2.5L/min
70MPa 0.52L/min
ZCB6-5-A3 8 2MPa 2.5L/min
70MPa 0.52L/min
ZCB6-5-AB 8 2MPa 2.5L/min
70MPa 0.52L/min
  1. The pump use #15 hydraulic oil.
  2. Air pressure is prohibited before oiling.
  3. Oil storage capacity must be within the range above the oil window.
  4. Everytime when refueling or change oil, must use 80(or more) mesh oilfilter, it’s need to wash the tank when replace, every 6 months change the oil.
  5. Regular working temperature between 10℃~50℃.
  6. The air nut is required to open before starting the electric pump and turnswitch to the unloading position

7.t he pump already adjustment before leave factory, can not arbitrarily increase or reduce the pressure, must use pressure gauge when need re-adjust.

  1. Pressure tubing have 105MPA test. However, due to the aging of the hoseeasily, so users need to be inspected regularly, usually 6 months, if use frequently then 3 months, check with 87.5MPA pressure test if there have damaged, bulge,leakage, you can not use.
  2. Bearings are generally cleaned every 6 months, add grease during assembly

The following information is intended as an aid in determining if a problem exists

Fault Cause Exclusion method
Motor anomaly Power supply fails,the switch is bad Check the power switch
High pressure relief valve disorders Adjust the pressure of the
high pressure relief valve
to 63MPA
Oil leak Check and repair, replace
the seals
The vice plunger abrasion Replace the vice plunger
Seals damaged Replace the seals
Inappropriate choice
of hydraulic oil
Use the specified oil
according to the manual

Copper Extruded ‘C’

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