H Compression Clamp

Compression branch connectors and sealing kits Tool detail see CROP Tool : CRH-TU

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Description of H Compression Clamp

H Compression clamp belong to the splicing fitting, it is primarily used to join kinds of bare conductors and lighting conductors. The compression tap connector bears the same electric load as conductors. Most splicing fittings bear all the tension of conductors, ground wires and lighting conductors. According to the tensile condition, splicing fittings include force-bearing type and non force-bearing type. Splicing fittings are generally divided into compression type and preformed type.And CROP compression type includes hydraulic compression, explosive compression and compression with pliers.Generally, malleable cast iron, steel, and aluminum alloy are used as it’s materials.

Material of Compression Tap Connector
Aluminum Alloy

Features of H Compression Clamp

For use on AAC, ACSR conductors.
For cable taps and earth grid ring mains Sector-shaped conductors must be rounded with round-forming dies.

Compression Tap Connector

Models CRH-11 CRH-22 CRH-41 CRH-21 CRH-31 CRH-32
Outer Dimater Run “A” (mm) 4.8-8.2 10.0-14.0 16.2-22.4 8.3-14.0 13.0-22.4 13.0-22.4
Run “B” (mm) 4.8-8.2 10.0-14.0 16.2-22.4 4.8-9.6 4.8-11.4 11.6-16.0
Conductor Size Run “A” (mm²) 16-35 50-95 150-240 50-95 95-240 95-240
Run “B” (mm²) 16-35 50-95 150-240 16-50 16-70 70-150
Insulate Sleeve’s Models Plastic Type JH-1 JH-2 JH-3 JH-2 JH-2 JH-2
Rubber Type LHZ-1 LHZ-2 LHZ-3 LHZ-2 LHZ-2 LHZ-2