Plastic insulator side tie

PVC plastic single side ties are intended for use with covered conductors and side-mounted tie top insulators on arm less construction.Line angles of up to 15°can be accommodated when used with any plastic covered conductors.

PVC plastic single side ties
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Description of distribution insulator tie

Distribution insulator tie are also named angle side ties,distribution tie are suitable used for fixing insulated conductors and vertically-mounted tie top insulators on crossarms or pole-top-mounted in the distribution line.Line angles of up to 15°can be accommodated.To insure proper fit and service life, angle side ties is recommended that only insulators corresponding to C Neck, F Neck be used.The neck diameters and groove height dimensions appear in ANSI Standard for low and medium voltage pin type insulators and also at the beginning of each listing. 

Side ties wire are mainly two types:
1.Top ties: fix the insulated conductor on the top groove of the insulator.
2.Side ties: fix the insulated conductor on the side groove of the insulator.

Material of angle side ties

High elasticity PVC,it can effectively prevent the insulated conductors from slipping out of the insulators during operation.

Normal colour of distribution tie

Grey or black (other colour can be customized)

Application: voltage to 15kV

Working temperature: -15℃-50℃

Mechanical: distribution tie will develop unbalanced and lift-off loads equivalent to,or in excess of, a hand tie over covered conductor.

Insulator: 57mm(C neck),73mm(F neck).Distribution tie are used with either ANSI compliant polymer or porcelain insulators

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Fixed insulator line post neck Ø 57mm

No. Type Suitable conductor diameter(mm) Length(mm)
Min. Max.
1 SIT-1017-57 7.51 10.17 533±25
2 SIT-1373-57 10.18 13.73 533±25
3 SIT-1855-57 13.74 18.55 559±25
4 SIT-2338-57 18.56 23.38 610±25
5 SIT-2795-57 23.39 27.95 686±25
6 SIT-3300-57 27.96 33.00 762±25

Fixed insulator line post neck Ø 73mm

No. Type Suitable conductor diameter(mm) Length(mm)
Min. Max.
1 SIT-1017-73 7.51 10.17 559±30
2 SIT-1373-73 10.18 13.73 559±30
3 SIT-1855-73 13.74 18.55 584±30
4 SIT-2338-73 18.56 23.38 635±30
5 SIT-2795-73 23.39 27.95 686±30
6 SIT-3300-73 27.96 33.00 762±30