Single pole fuse switch disconnectors / LV fuse-switch disconnector /Cutout Fuse

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Fuse switch disconnectors/LV fuse-switch disconnector /Cutout Fuse

Description of single pole fuse switch disconnectors /LV fuse-switch disconnector /Cutout Fuse

The FS single pole fuse switch disconnectors is used either as an operation or protection device for LV lines.Fuse switch disconnectors is designed to be used with NH0,NH1,2,3 size fuse offering a maxium of 630 Amp of line protection without blades.
The basic function of 630A fuse switch disconnectors is suitable for NH-1,2,3 fuse link, to protect and disconnector a network during faults and is specially designed for on-load switch.The Aerial fuse holder offers a reliable medium for disconnector & protection of fully insulated open wire network.The fuse holder is versatile and is ideally suited for mountion directly to poles, transformer & cross arms.

Features of fuse switch disconnectors /LV fuse-switch disconnector /Cutout Fuse

  1. Designed for full load switching with fuse links of disconnector blades upto a rated current.
  2. Mounting facility and unique modular design allowing one, two, three or more switches to be installed together to meet SP. TP or TPN system requirements.
  3. Fully insulated made from corrosion proof, impact resistant, weather & UV resistant glass fiber reinforced polymide compound with high glad content suitable for consistent performance under adverse climatic conditions.
  4. The upper housing of the switch is hinged to the lower body and can be withdrawn by the insulated operation rod thereby enabling changing of fuse from ground level
  5. Flexibility of linking a series of flaps for simultaneous operation.
  6. The contacts, made up of ETP grade copper -duy plated are rigidly mounted in the housing independentof the terminal bolts. Single incoming & Double outgoing termination is provided in standard version.
  7. Electrical & Mechanical fuse indicators are provided to show status of blown fuse.
  8. comply with IEC 60947

  FS160A FS400A FS630A
Voltage 500V 500V 500V
Insulation level 1000V 1000V 1000V
Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Operational current with fuses 160A 400A 630A
Operational current with blades 250A 630A 800A
Installation category AC22 AC22 AC22
Short lasting current(1s) 3.2KA 12KA 12KA
Dynamic current(crest) 25KA 50KA 50KA
Interruption capacity 100KA 100KA 100KA
Minimum mechanical life(operation) 1000 1000 800
Weight 600G 1.7G 1.8kg
Protection range IP23 IP24 IP23


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