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Copper Grounding Strap Product

Copper Flexible Braid Wire Guide

In our lives,the use of copper braid is very extensive,and it is used in the machinery and automobile industries.Therefore,many people are concerned about the role and performance of the copper braided wire, and they are very concerned about how to choose products.

What is Copper braided wire?

Copper braided wire is used for soft connecting wires of electrical devices, switch electrical, electric furnaces and batteries. The copper braided wire is made of high-quality round copper wire or tinned soft round copper wire braided by multiple strands in a single layer or multiple layers. Copper braid is mainly used for non-horizontal live movement and medium and low voltage circuit breakers as power supporting components. The main parameters are that the DC resistivity (20℃) is not more than 0.022Ωmm2/m, and the DC resistivity (20℃) of the tinned copper braid is not more than 0.0234Ωmm2/m


1. High electrical conductivity, good electrical conductivity and oxidation resistance. It is widely used in mechanical equipment and electronic wires to play the role of grounding, conduction, shielding and anti-interference. In addition, it is also widely used in the lighting industry for decoration and protection. effect

2. It is soft and not easy to break. It is mostly used for shielding high-frequency signal lines, and has the function of good ventilation and instant heat dissipation of the wire.

3. Resistant to bending, soothing reaction, soothing fatigue and strong, easy to dissipate heat.

4. Large current carrying capacity, small resistance

Types of copper braided wire

Classified by material: 

1.Copper braid/wire: The material is red copper round wire, and its normal braided wire diameter is 0.12mm. The surface of 0.15mm product is flat, the resistance is small, and the color is golden yellow, also known as the copper color. The electrical parameters of the copper braid/wire ( 20℃) not more than 0.0223Ωmm2/m

2.Copper tinned braid/wire: The material is tin-plated copper round wire, and its weaving conventional monofilament wire diameter is 0.12mm, 0.15mm, the surface of the product is smooth, anti-oxidation, the color is silver gray, tin-plated copper braid/wire electrical The parameter (20℃) is not more than 0.0234Ωmm2/m

Usual format size: 2mm2, 2.5mm2, 3.5mm2, 4mm2, 6mm2, 8mm2, 10mm2, 12mm2, 16mm2, 20mm2, 25mm2, 35mm2, 50mm2, 75mm2, 95mm2, 100mm2, 120mm2 Commonly used monofilament wire diameter: 0.1mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm, and can also be customized according to user requirements. Monofilament 0.04mm, 0.05mm, 0.06mm, 0.07mm, 0.08mm, 0.20mm, 0.25mm.

Classified by shape:

1.Flat copper flexible braids

2.Stranded copper braid wire


1.Electrical devices

2.Switch electrical

3.Electric donkeys

4.Storage batteries



7.Grounding and other industries.

8.Power transmission

9.Non-horizontal live motion

10.Medium and low voltage electrical appliances as power components.

11.Generator sets

12.Soft connection of carbon brush wires

6 tips for purchasing Copper grounding strap

1.Looking at the material, the manufacturer provides a raw material inspection report.

2. Measure resistance. Pure copper with a resistance of less than 0.01777 is T2 or above, on the contrary, it is mixed with other materials.

3. Look at the report. Generally, regular manufacturers will provide factory inspection reports.

4. Look at the appearance. The surface is smooth and clean, no broken bones, burrs, omissions, no redness and blackness.

5. Weigh. Heavy products are better than light ones.

6. The copper content of the T2 copper braided wire is above 99.95%, and it can only be dissolved at a high temperature above 1080 degrees. The high temperature annealing also needs about 500 degrees to be softened, and the profile is still copper-colored. The copper content of other materials is only about 60%, and the temperature resistance is only about 86% of pure copper. It will explode in the middle of burning with a lighter, and the section is brass-colored. The outer diameter of copper braided wire can be inspected online with a diameter gauge, and its dual-path diameter gauge can measure the width and thickness dimensions.

Copper grounding strap production process

Copper grounding strap can be divided into twill, satin, plain and miscellaneous patterns. Here is an introduction to the production methods of these types of copper braid.

First, the weft tube is inserted into the fixed gear seat of the knitting machine after the warp and winding of the yarn is formed by the warp and weft, and the weft tube rotates and moves along the 8-shaped track to draw the yarns to cross and weave each other. Copper braided belt usually has an even number of spindles, the woven belt is tubular, and the number of spindles is odd, and the woven belt is flat. Spindle weaving technology has been used in old China. The number of spindles varies from 9 to 100 spindles due to different equipment. The basic weaving process is: bleaching and dyeing-weft rolling-weaving-falling machine cutting-packaging.

Since 1960, many technological innovations have been made to the braiding machine, mainly including the enlargement of the diameter of the peach board, the installation of an automatic parking device for broken rubber bands, and the change of iron ingots to nylon spindles. Improvements in these equipment have increased the speed to 160-190 rpm, doubled the stand rate, and greatly improved the product quality. Copper braiding can not only weave belts, but also weave ropes. The tubular belt is a kind of braided rope. A rope or rope with a diameter of 1 to 4 cm is called a rope. A rope with a diameter greater than 4 cm is called a rope.A cable or cable with a diameter greater than 40 cm.

Copper flexible braids connection

The copper flexible braids connection is used as the conductor, the two ends are copper tubes, and the surface of the copper tube is silver-plated. The size of the joint is produced according to the customer’s requirements. After special treatment, it is made into a soft connection, soft grounding, high conductivity, and strong fatigue resistance, It can be produced in full accordance with the needs of customers. The soft connection of copper wire uses high and low voltage electrical appliances, vacuum appliances, mine explosion-proof switches and automobiles, locomotives and related products for soft connection. It uses bare copper wire or degree system wire braided and made by cold pressing method, which can be made according to users Requires tinning and silver plating.

Copper braided flexible connection is also called copper braided flexible connection. It is formed by cold pressing. Copper pipes are welded on both sides of the braid. After treatment, the flexible connection can be punched and tinned according to the different needs of customers.

earthing braid wire

Wire material

Copper braided wire, copper braided tape, tinned copper braided wire, tinned copper braided tape, copper stranded wire. The copper braid is woven with oxygen-free copper wire, with a monofilament of 0.10mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm, and is specially made according to customer requirements, softness, and electrical strength.

Contact surface material

OT terminal, DT terminal, copper tube (the surface can be plated with silver, tin, nickel, etc. according to customer requirements)

Crimping method

It is made by cold pressing, and different punches and hydraulic presses are used for crimping according to the thickness requirements or according to the customer’s parameter requirements.

Insulation material

The company’s standard design has no insulating material. According to customer requirements, PVC insulating sleeves or heat sink pipes can be used for insulation protection and fixing.


Use bare copper wire and copper braided wire as the conductor, copper terminals are used at both ends, and the size of the joint is according to customer requirements Production, pressed by cold pressing method. Can be tinned and silver plated according to customer requirements. Then through special treatment, a high-strength high-current soft connection is made.

Product performance

High conductivity, smooth and bright surface, good contact surface, superior conductivity. Strong applicability, good flexibility, easy installation, easy heat dissipation, and bending resistance.

Scope of application

Mainly used for non-horizontal live movement and medium and low voltage circuit breakers, suitable for various high and low voltage electrical appliances, vacuum electrical appliances, mining explosion-proof switches and automobiles, locomotives, automobile batteries, power batteries and other related products to make soft connections use. It is widely used for flexible conductive connection in generators, transformers, switches, bus bars, industrial electric furnaces, rectifier equipment, electrolytic smelting equipment, welding equipment and other high-current equipment.


 It solves the shortcomings of traditional busbars such as easy heat generation and high energy consumption during use. It has the characteristics of energy saving and consumption reduction, superior electrical conductivity, long service life, maintenance-free, beautiful appearance, and convenient installation. The company adopts advanced atomic diffusion technology, specializing in the production of flexible connections, conductive tapes, busbar expansion joints for various high and low voltage electrical equipment.


The company’s standard design has no drilling requirements, and the contact surface can be drilled according to drawings or customer parameters.

Special design

Auxiliary lathe, washing machine, cutting machine and other equipment processing can be carried out according to user requirements or drawing parameter requirements.

It is necessary to use copper braided soft connection in the equipment to ensure safe conduction between unstable equipment. The electrical conductivity of the equipment wire may be unstable due to heat, vibration or normal operation. This is why braided copper wire or bundled copper wire is considered to be the conductive choice in these devices so far.

The braided copper wire is braided from many smaller copper wires. Therefore, they are more resistant to squeezing and pulling forces due to constant vibration and movement than any cables made up of very large wires. The copper braided soft connection jumper is specially designed to ensure greater current. These are widely used in computers, generators, transformers and electrolysis processors. They are also commonly used in communications and farming.

Reasons for choosing soft connection of copper braid

The copper braided wire is softly connected to the jumper because it is flexible braided and very durable. According to customer requirements, they can be with or without pvc insulation sleeve. Because they provide the kind of flexibility required for piping systems. They can eliminate unnecessary vibration and reduce noise. Copper has thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity in metals, so the conductive market also favors it. To sum up, when you purchase a soft connection using copper braid, you can easily absorb the vibration of the equipment, and ensure that the conductive wire is not affected by the vibration. When transmitting power, it can also adapt to the expansion and contraction of copper wires. CROP Electronics also provides seamless productivity and guarantees the purity of materials. Only when you use an easy-to-extend and flexible soft connection made of copper braid can you keep the vibration at a low level and reduce the noise generated.