The overhead line splice is mainly used for the connection and repair of the conductor of the overhead power line and the lightning protection line.

Full Tension Splice Type

Compression Splice

Overhead line splice for steel wire JY-G Hydraulic cpmpression and explosive overlap joint

Overhead Line Splice

Full tension splice for aluminum conductor JY-L series


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1. What is overhead line splice?

The overhead line splice is mainly used for the connection and repair of the conductor of the overhead power line and the lightning protection line.

2. Types of overhead line splice

2.1. According to different installation methods, it can be divided into hydraulic overlap joint type, explosive overlap joint type and compression with plicers type. 

Hydraulic overlap joint type: JYD series, JY series 

Explosive overlap joint type: JYB series, JTB series

compression with plicers type: JT series 

2.2. According to the different materials of the wires to be spliced and repaired, it can be divided into full tension splice for aluminum conductor, full tension splice for steel conductor, full tension splice for ACSR conductor, and automatic splice

Full tension splice for steel conductor: JY-G series

Full tension splice for aluminum conductor: JY-L series

full tension splice for ACSR conductor: JYD, JY, JTB, JYB, JT, JT-L series

Automatic splice: GL series

3.How to choose a overhead line splice

3.1. According to the material of the connecting conductor, determine which type of connecting tube to use. If it is aluminum conductor, you can use JY-L series compression splice. If it is a steel conductor, you can use the JY-G series compression splice. If it is ACSR conductor, you can use JYD, JY, JTB, JT.JT-L series. 

3.2. Choose the correct compression splice type according to the diameter of the conductor.

4.Features of CROP compression splice

4.1. Good electrical conductivity

4.2. High temperature resistance and fast heat dissipation

4.3. Resistance to galvanic corrosion

4.4. Long service life

4.5. Uniform thickness, uniform surface treatment, no burrs, not easy to hurt hands, easy to use.

5.Installation method of compression splice

The following is the JYD series compression splice used for the connection of ACSR conductor

5.1 First,Prepare the JYD compression splice. The JYD is composed of an aluminum tube and an steel tube. The steel tube is used to connect the steel core, and the aluminum tube is used to connect the aluminum conductor. Mark the aluminum tube according to the length of the steel pipe.

5.2. Second,Before installation, the conductor must be cut off, and then the aluminum stranded wire outside the steel core aluminum stranded conductor should be cut according to the size of the compression splice, the steel core should be kept, and a tape should be wrapped around the front section of the aluminum wire to prevent it from falling apart. 

5.3. Third,Put the aluminum tube first and then the steel tube, install the steel core into the steel tube, and use the compression splice crimping tool for crimping. 

5.4.Last,use the compression splice crimping tool for crimping the aluminum tube.

compression splice​ of Installation

6.Matters needing attention when connecting overhead line splice installation

The holding strength of the overhead line splice shall not be less than 95% of the calculated breaking force of the wire. Only one connecting tube and three repairing tubes are allowed for each wire or ground wire within a span. More than two repair pipes.    

The following items should be paid attention to when connecting connductor with overhead line splice: 

6.1. Use gasoline to clean the inner wall of the pipe and the surface of the wire connection, 

6.2. After cleaning, apply neutral petroleum jelly or electric grease. 

6.3. Select the steel mold according to the specifications of the connecting pipe. 

6.4. When the wire is inserted into the splicing pipe, it should be stable to prevent bending and deformation of the splicing pipe. After the clamping is completed, the bending of the pipe should not exceed 3% of the pipe length.

7.The production process of the overhead line splice



7.3.Round mouth


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We will put the automatic splice to the plastic bag then sealing.One product, one plastic bag .then put them to a standard export carton.The detailed packaging diagram is as follows,

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