Automatic Splice Aluminum Full Tension GL series

ANSI C119.4 Class A connector Full tension (95% of conductor rated breaking strength unless noted otherwise) Color coded funnel guides for easy installation *Includes Compact Conductor of Same Size – ASTM-B400

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Automatic splice full tension aluminum


Automatic splice connector are also named mid span joint,splice connector makes fast and dependable overhead automatic splice connector that take a bite out of installation time.automatic splice are used for splicing or repairing conductor of overhead transmission and distribution lines.Mid span joint provide a reliable,economical,and easy to install splicing method for overhead transmission and distribution lines.The conductor simply slips into the color-coded, funnel-shaped end piece and automatically enters the pilot cup with a gentle push. The pilot cup guides the conductor past the unique serrated jaws and into the center of the connector. When the conductor meets the center stop, the pull-back locks it into position as the jaws firmly clamp down. The more pull, the more bite, which provides an instant, positive and automatic connection.The automatic splice can be used for ACSR, AAAC and AAC Conductors.


Shell – High Strength Aluminum Alloy
Jaws – Aluminum Alloy

Color-coded, funnel-shaped end pieces provide instant visual identification of maximum conductor size and swiftly guide conductor into position for insertion.


1.The tapered shell design ensures high strength adhesion between it and the conductor,it can make the conductor easier to slip in.
2.The metal clip is embedded inside the conductor to enhanced the conductivity.
3.The metal clip can conduct current to the body of automatic splice with higher conductivity
4.The teeth of the metal clip can penetrate the residual oxide layer on the surface of the conductor
5.Large area of contact points help heat dissipation
6.The meshing metal clip maintains good electrical conductivity under various conditions of tension changes
No special tools are required for installation, which is convenient for live working installation, simplifies the installation steps, and greatly improves the safety of the operation
7.Color-coded tape can identify the smallest conductor size of a wide range of connectors-further eliminating errors and speeding up installation!

automatic splice aluminum

Composition of automatic splice aluminum

① Spring

② Tapered shell

③ Center stop

④ Guide cup

⑤ Corrosion inhibitor

⑥ Jaws

⑦ End funnel

How to select automatic splice

For example,your conductor size is ACSR 1/0,you can choose the item code GL 406,the automatic splice color code is Yellow.You also can choose the GL 4076,it can used for minimum conductor size 1/0,maximum conductor size 2/0.

Parameters Table

Item Code Color Code Conductor size Approximate
Concudtor O.D.
Dimensions inches(mm)
GL-402 Orange 4 4 4 0.220-0.250 5.58-6.35 11.8(300) 0.9(23)
GL-4042 Red-Orange 4-2 4-2 4-2 0.220-0.320 5.58-8.13 13.7(350) 1.0(25)
GL-406 Yellow 1/0 1/0 1/0 0.355-0.400 9.01-10.16 13.7(350) 1.1(28)
GL-4076 Gray-Yellow 1/0 - 2/0 1/0 - 2/0 1/0 - 2/0 0.355-0.470 9.01-11.94 14.7(373) 1.25(32)
GL-407 Gray 2/0 2/0 2/0 0.400-0.470 10.16-11.94 17.3(440) 1.38(35)
GL-408 Black 3/0 3/0 3/0 0.450-0.530 11.43-13.46 18.3(465) 1.49(38)
GL-409 Pink 4/0 4/0 4/0 0.505-0.595 12.82-15.12 22(560) 1.73(44)
GL-4098 Pink-Black 3/0 -4/0 3/0 -4/0 3/0 -4/0 0.464-0.595 11.79-15.11 23(588) 1.73(44)
GL-410 Brown 266.8(18/1) 312.8 *336.4 0.603 -0.666 15.31-16.92 19(480) 1.65(42)
GL-411 Green 336.4(18/1) 394.5 *397.5**336.4 0.659-0.724 16.73-18.39 20(510) 1.8(46)
GL-41110 Green-Brown 266.8(18/1)
312.8-394.5 *336.4-*397.5**336.4 0.603-0.724 15.31-18.39 21.6(550) 1.8(46)
GL-412 Blue 397.5(18/1) 465.4 *477 0.720-0.795 18.28-20.19 25(630) 2.1(54)
GL-413 White 477(18/1) 559.5 *556.5,500 0.780-0.858 19.81-21.8 23.2(590) 2.1(54)

Power line splice

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How to packing the automatic splice aluminum?

We will put the automatic splice to the plastic bag then sealing.One product, one plastic bag .then put them to a standard export carton.The detailed packaging diagram is as follows,

automatic splice packing

Packaged products

Products waiting to be packaged

Products waiting to be packaged