Tension splice connector(explosive overlap joint) for jumper conductor JTB sereis

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Description of aluminum tension splice

Aluminum tension splice are also named conductor joint,splice connector are used for splicing or repairing conductor of overhead transmission and distribution lines.tension joint provide a reliable,economical,and easy to install splicing method for overhead transmission and distribution lines.
Tension splice connector for ACSR conductor not only satisfy the basic tension requirements, but also deal with the problems of “cold flow” of aluminum and the oxide file which forms on the strands.The DC resistance of cable sleeve must be less than that of the equi-length conductor,the temperature rise of all conductor joint must be less than the splicing conductor.The slip strength of the splice connector must be less than 95% of the rated strength of conductor.

Features of tension splice

Easy to install,just for use with CRIMP tools only.
For ACSR,compact,5005,6201 and ACAR partial tension (40% tension rating) conductor jumper splicing.
Aluminum alloy conductor recommendations include 5005 and ACAR having the same diameter as a given ACSR conductor shown below. In addition, compressed (compact) conductor sizes within the same decimal conductor range are recommended.

Suitable conductor of tension splice connector

Jumper conductor

Material of conductor joint

Sleeve of inner: hot dip galvanized steel
Sleeve of outer: Aluminum

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Type Suitable Conductor Dimension
Dimensions (mm)
Grip Strength (> kN)
d C1 C2 L L1
JTB-70/40 LGJ-70/40 2.6 30.4 14.7 250 260 55.4
JTB-95/55 LGJ-95/55 3.1 36.5 17.5 250 260 74.2
JTB-210/50 LGJ-210/50 5.0 47.0 22.6 370 380 86.3
JTB-300/25 LGJ-300/25 5.0 54.0 26.0 290 300 79.3
JTB-400/35 LGJ-400/35 5.0 60.0 39.0 330 340 98.7
JTB-400/95 LGJ-400/95 5.5 64.0 31.0 330 340 162.8